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Established in 2012, the workshop is driven by the aspiration to create innovative pieces of contemporary furniture that demonstrate imagination in both their form and function. Through the chosen medium of wood, each concept is developed in a manner that explores the organic characteristics of the material within the distinct sculptural form of the overall design. The process itself employs traditional cabinetmaking techniques, yet the innovative nature of the design frequently requires the workshop to push the boundaries of existing practice in the realisation of each piece.

National Craft Exhibition / 29th July - 10th Aug 2014 / Dublin

Hunt Museum Exhibition / 4th Sept - 10th Oct 2014 / Limerick

Design Make Transform / 19th Sept - 16th Oct 2014 / Limerick

National Craft and Design Fair / 3rd - 7th Dec 2014 / Dublin

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Design and Craft Council of Ireland Future Makers Competition 2014:



Royal Dublin Society National Craft Awards 2014:





- Development Award

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- Award of Excellence

- California Gold Medal